Monday, August 9, 2010

Lemonade Cookies

I got this idea from Parents Magazine in their Cookie Jar section of the August 2010 issue. The cookies looked so cute in the magazine, and I loved the idea of using lemonade mix in cookies. I thought the kids would love it! They were fun to mix up and make, but they didn't quite turn out like I thought.

The sugar melted, on the sides of the cookies, so they ended up being stuck together on the pan in one big sheet of melted sugar. I may have used the wrong kind of sugar, or maybe I should have altered the recipe and put the sugar on after the cookies were baked instead of before.

I also had problems with my cookies coming out nice and smooth like in the picture, and the icing that I mixed up ended up being too runny. I bet my friend, Clair, could have made these look even better than the picture. She's amazing!!! Anyway, I ended up with cookies that weren't that pretty to look at and with the sugar mess they were a little hard to separate, but I bet you're wondering how they tasted. That's the most important thing when it comes to baked goodies right!?! They were pretty good, but not a huge hit. The lemon flavor was kind of strong, and had a bit of an after taste. Maybe from the powdered lemonade mix? My 3 & 5 year old wouldn't take more than a bite, and the older people in our house ate them more because they were there than because they were yummy. LOL.

If you want to give these cookies a try you can find the recipe at:

I'd love to see pictures of your attempt, whether it's a flop or a success!



  1. are soo sweet!! You are amazing. I bet you made these because your hubby likes lemony stuff. I wonder if you had trouble with them because of the humid weather. Humid weather is really hard on baking, especially cookies and frosting!

  2. yum! my husband would love these lemon cookies. though i'm sure he would wish they were not pink. I've got to try this recipe soon. Hopefully before this summer is over.

  3. Thanks Clair & Jen. I did think Rob would like them. I also thought they would be super cute, but I had trouble with the cookie dough not looking smooth, and I think I should have applied the sugar after baking instead of before like the recipe said to. Maybe I should have used a different type of sugar??? I'd love to see you make some, Clair. I'm sure they would look amazing!